Vera’s BnG

Our food has interesting names, some are funny and some are meaningful. The Vera’s Biscuits and Gravy is a meaningful name, and named after this woman right here. She made her gravy every Thursday morning for family and any friends that wanted to come by. It was always included with a hearty helping of eggs, bacon and sausage. These mornings were always a huge part of the week and getting to know about each others week and each others lives. It was during those moments that community and friendship were built. We designed Book Club Cafe on the basis of these Thursday morning meals and we are very proud to continue the tradition of preparing her gravy for friends, family, and future friends on a daily basis at the restaurant. Her awesome gravy is also available on our Yuma burger which is named after the place where her and her husband George were married.  If you haven’t tried our gravy yet, give it a try soon and experience a small piece of those Thursday mornings!

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