Food Fight 2017

We have introduced our new food competition called Food Fight. It started on January 22 and will end on February 22, during this time you can vote your favorite burger. Our cooks have designed and executed their own specialty burger and we have tried them into sliders that you order and vote for your favorite.[…]

Saturday Night Movie Nights

It’s no secret we are trying to do something cool on the square and this is one of newest attempts to do just that! We have begun showing movies every Saturday night starting at 7:00 pm we change the theme weekly between comedy, sci-fi, horror, and cult classics. Check up on our social media pages[…]

Vera’s BnG

Our food has interesting names, some are funny and some are meaningful. The Vera’s Biscuits and Gravy is a meaningful name, and named after this woman right here. She made her gravy every Thursday morning for family and any friends that wanted to come by. It was always included with a hearty helping of eggs,[…]